Does Massage Help Hair Growth?

Hair growth depends on a lot of different factors and the core of all of them is taking proper care of your hair. Without proper attention and care, hair may lose its charm and shine eventually. Hair growth will also stagnate if people do not pay proper attention to what their coats have to say about themselves.

One of the most valuable and easy ways to keep your hair growing is massaging them. Massaging the hair will repair the scalp’s dead skin cells and regulate oxygen flow. This will also help in many different ways for the hair, but the most crucial is hair growth. That is why a proper massage helps hair growth to a great extent and lets us look at how it functions.

Does Massage Help Hair Growth?

scalp massager for hair growth

It is a scientifically proven fact that you can accelerate your hair growth by having a proper massage on your hair scalp. If the expected duration of your hair growth is 2-3 months, then it may even accelerate up to 1.5-2 months. That is why many people prefer having massages in spas and salons for their hair, which indeed gives them excellent results and that too very rapidly.

Therefore, you can undoubtedly stimulate hair growth with massage, and you can do this by starting from the healthy hair massagers and with the help of your fingertips. Combining these 2 things will bring magic to your hair, and you will also get relaxed from all of your work and all-day tension.

Steps to Massage your Hair Scalp

Following are some steps that people can follow for massaging their hair scalp for healthy hair growth:

Use appropriate Hair Massager

An appropriate hair or scalp massager for hair growth is the best way to benefit from your hair massage. Using any unknown massaging product may also damage your hair and cause different kinds of allergies to you. That is why I use the hair massagers wisely.

Massage the Hair Scalp in Small Circles

Make small circles while massaging your scalp, and gently press the points when you complete the process. This will circulate oxygen all over the scalp and replace all the scalp’s dead skin cells with healthy ones.

Brush your Hair Gently after Massage

Don’t use the brush abruptly on your hair after massaging them. This will cause a lot of hair loss and will damage the roots of your hair as well. So, use a brush gently on your hair and comb every inch of your hair correctly.


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