A short guide for every type of mascara

When it comes to makeup, mascara is an essential step because this is the step-through through which you going to highlight your eyes. Even though you don’t like to wear makeup you can use only mascara to your eyes which enhances your overall look. Most of this generation youngsters make use of mascara but how many of them have to understand their basics only very few. Here is the short guide for every type of mascara look for it and get to know everything about the mascara.

What is mascara?

The mascara is a product that is used to highlight the eyelashes and by the way, you can grab the attention of others to your eyes. Generally, it is a dark liquid product and available in two shades they are black and dark brown but now you can also find some of the fun shades so you can pick them based on your choices. The mascara comes with the wand that is attached to the cap and through this wand the user wears the mascara to their eyes.

Types of mascara

In general, there are two types of mascara they are waterproof mascara and normal mascara. The majority of them will prefer waterproof mascaras because they long last in your eyes and enhance your look. There will be high demand for waterproof mascara during summer days because during this season you will be getting sweat so to avoid mascara to run with sweat people used to prefer this mascara type. More than when it is your professional photoshoot or wedding waterproof mascara will be the best option that is to secure your look. But one thing you have to keep it in mind is you have to remove them properly to avoid damaging your eyelashes because it is harder to remove.

highlight your eyes

How to wear them?

Take the mascara wand out of the liquid and just keep them underneath your top eyelashes and slowly blink your eyes. By this, you can easily apply it to your eyelashes but there is another method to wear them. That is, take a mascara wand and keep them underneath to top eyelashes, and slowly pull it from your face through the eyelashes it is another way to wear them.

When you are a mascara user you should get to know how to wear them and different types of mascara in the market, even now you don’t have an idea about it get them from this article.


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