Can dry shampoo cause baldness?

This is the generation that is highly dependent on commercial products especially when it comes to skin and hair. Using those products is not at all a bad thing, anyone can use them but before using something over your skin and hair you should get to know the possible benefits and drawbacks of using them.…

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Reasons for split ends and how to prevent it

Even though your hair is strong and thicker they are highly prone to vulnerable damages from daily wear and tear. More to the top of your hair the ends of the hair are highly prone to damages because they are getting exposed to the outer environment, in this case, the dust, dirt, and other environmental…

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Guidance on brushing your hair

Trying the different hairstyle in their hair is one of those biggest passions for so many girls out there but do you think you are brushing your hair in the right way because if you don’t brush them in the right way without knowing you are damaging your hair. When hair is your priority thing…

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Everything about tea tree oil

The increased pollutants and the adulterants in food not allowing a human to lead a healthy life this environmental pollution not only affecting the health it also affects the growth of the hair and rarely leads to baldness. In this case, to avoid hair from getting damaged people are looking for some natural remedies one…

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