Simple ways to get natural curls without ironing

Curly hair is one of those gifts for girls because it gives a face-framing effect and because of this reason most of the girls trying to get that curly hair. Today’s technology has made everything possible starting from online shopping to hair styling. In that case, even though you are having straight hair you can make them curly with the help of the hair appliances but remember they cause damage to your hair strands and probably leads to effective hair loss after few days of routine usage. So getting curly hair with the assistance of those hair appliances is the worst idea but you need not get worried. Because there are some of the ways to get cute waves in hair without iron to get to know of them go for the below content.

Twist and pin up the hair

One of the easiest ways to get natural curls is wearing the updo hairstyles or twisting and pinning up the hair above your shoulder. To wear the updos you need not afford special time because it is a simple hairstyle and you can have them in few minutes. First, you have to put on the high ponytail and from there get the base of your hair and twist them around, and secure the end with the bobby pins or hairpins for 30-45 minutes. After that you can remove them now you can witness the curls on your hair. After taking the hair bath twist your hair for few minutes that can also give you the best results.

Wear braids

Braids are another ways to get natural curls on any hair type. Braids are also a very good thing for your hair and when you have the braids routinely you can avoid the split ends and other hair damages by the way.

natural curls

Prefer the natural rollers

You need not always depend on those hair rollers you can take your old t-shirts and roll them and use them as a hair roller. Roll your hair around this roller and pin them for few minutes to get the natural curls and the best part is they don’t affect your hair growth or leads to hair loss.

Getting the curls naturally is possible the only thing you have to do to get them gets to know the ways to get curly hair without heating so that you can have them just like that and also avoid your hair from getting damaged.


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